v      Board Of Director (from 2014  to2017)

President: Prof. Hashem Oraee

Vice President: Prof. Mohammad Durali

Treasurer: Meisam Shirazi

Members of the Board of Directors:Pro. Hashem Oraee, Pro. Mohammad Durali, Pro. G.B.Gharehpetian, Dr. Alinaghi Salmani, Meisam Shirazi, Alireza Khak, Gholamreza Sargolzaie


v      Board Of Director (from 2011  to  2014)

President: Hamid Chit Chian

Vice President: Dr. Ahmad Radan

Treasurer: Meisam Shirazi

Members of the Board of Directors:Hamid Chit Chian, Dr. Ahmad Radan,  Pro. Hashem Oraee, Dr. Alinaghi Salmani, Meisam Shirazi, Dr. Kamran Rezaie, Dr. Majid Jamil


v      Mission and Visions

1. Advancing knowledge of wind turbine technology

2. Development of specialist workforce

3. Educational and research activities

4.Formation of industrial and scientific cores


v      Objectivesand Activities

1.Scientific research at national and international levels

2.Cooperating with executive , scientific and research organisations

3.Evaluation , review and implementation of projects and programs

4.Provide educational , research and technical services

5.Encourage researchers and scholars

6. National , regional and international conferenees

7.Publication of books and journals


v      Publications

Introduction to Wind Energy System

Authors: Hermann-Josef Wagner/Jyotirmany Mathur

Interpreters: Majid Jamil/ Payam Sabai Fard


v      International Activities

1. Participation in major regional and international forums and committees

2. Participation in meeting and conferencees at various

3. Providing better conditions for the use of wind energy in the region

4. Coordinating activities related to international cooperation

5. Negotiations and communication with the relevant international scientific and technical community

6. Identification of industrial manufactures scientific and industrial experts in the field of wind energy at the international level